Jicama   |   $7
Mexican radish, fresh lime juice, traditional seasoning
Whole Squid   |   $12
Lightly sautéed with black chili butter & citrus
Crunchy Cheese Roll   |   $11
Thin and crispy cheese, three amigos salsas
Shrimp & Basil Taquito   |   $13
Chipotle and basil marinated shrimp, guajillo sauce, Cotija cheese, lime cream
Chips & Salsa   |   $10
House-made and fried chips, guacamole, pico, sleeper salsa
Oyster & Tequila   |   3/$15,   6/$30
Today's landing of raw oysters topped tequila, Mexican minegettee
Queso Fondo   |   $10
Muenster and Gouda, aja amarillo chili, radish, chips
Simple Avocado   |   $8
Marinated jicama and cucumber relish, tangerine oil, micro cilantro
Tuna Tostada   |   $18
Creamy avocado, cucumber, fennel and frisee salad, chili, toasted almonds
Elote Corn   |   $9
Mexican style corn, with Cotija cheese, tajin


Tempura Wahoo   |   $15
Shaved cabbage slaw, grilled pineapple salsa, coriander seasoning
Mole Shrimp   |   $14
Pasilla and pumpkin seed mole, serrano cabbage slaw, tajina
Chicken Tinga   |   $13
Slow cooked chipotle chicken, raw onion, cilantro
Grilled Wahoo   |   $15
Creamy cilantro avocado, shaved cabbage, cilantro, lime
Grilled Steak Taco   |   $14
Cocoa rubbed, shaved cabbage, guajillo sauce,
Tempura Avocado   |   $13
Guajillo, shaved cabbage, sweet corn pico, cilantro, lime


Masa Cake   |   $11
Griddled masa dough, creamed shisito and poblano, creamy avocado
Roasted Wild Mushrooms   |   $11
Guajillo sauce, pumpkin seeds, radish
Yucca   |   $9
Lightly fried and smashed, seasoned with coconut, lime, and chile butter

la familia

Guajillo Rubbed Steak   |   $31
Heirloom tomato, chimichurri, avocado, crispy onion
Tequila Lime Prawns   |   $33
Australian prawns on top coconut yucca, salsa fresca
Pollo Loco   |   $28
Citrus pan sauce, strawberry pico
Baja Red Snapper   |   $35
Grilled pineapple salsa, pumpkin seeds, orange, lemon, lime
Diver Caught Scallops   |   $36
Chorizo, hominy, marinated wild mushrooms, pineapple sauce


Yellow Tail   |   $17
Mexican ponzu, jalapeño, orange
Tuna   |   $18
Lightly dressed and tossed with kiwi, papaya, serrano, scallion


Baja Caesar Salad   |   $13
Avocado, jalapeño, heirloom tomatoes, crispy tortilla, chipotle caesar
Tequila Smoked Salmon   |   $16
Arugula and frisee, cucumber, salmon roe salsa, agave lime vinaigrette